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Riley Whisler is a Singer-Songwriter hailing from outside Washington, D.C. His sound is best described as Folk-Rock with some blues influences. When he was young, he found his passion in music when he was given a guitar from a friend-- months after quitting piano lessons. Since then he has picked up multiple instruments, most of which are played in his songs. He began singing his Freshman year in college when he was encouraged by a friend to start writing music. A couple months later in January of 2016, he released "Black Sheep"-- his first single on Spotify. Since then he has released an EP and a handful of singles. His most notable accomplishments have been reaching #21 on Spotify's Viral Top 50 playlist with his song "Don't Know You Yet" and his other song "Home" placed in Spotify Germany's "Acoustic Winter" playlist. He released his first full-length album “Midnight Melodies” in October of 2017.



My friends and I covering "Ain't no Sunshine" in Vienna, VA.